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Notre Vue

Notre Vie - Our Life: A Rich Tapestry

What makes Notre Vue Estate so special is the diversity of terroir that sweeps across the rich tapestry of our land, allowing us to grow a selection of European grape varietals rarely found in such close proximity to each other. The vast views from the summit are a patchwork of vineyards and open space seamlessly woven together over the years. “Notre Vue Estate is a place that has inspired our creativity and passion. It has become a labor of love and an exciting lifelong commitment – a lifestyle. This property has captured our hearts and romanced our daily lives; we have come to appreciate the deep rustic elegance that permeates everything around us. Your experience is the final step in our winemaking process. We love to entertain and can always find an excuse to gather our friends together. We feel so connected to Sonoma County and look forward to sharing wine and time with you.”
-Bob & Renée Stein

Notre Vue, Notre Vie and Notre Vin! –Our View, Our Life, Our Wine

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