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Notre Vue

Notre Vue - Our View: An Agrarian Heritage

A beautiful & unique winery serving the entire North Bay

Bob and Renee Stein Founders and Owners of Notre Vue Winery. They have great wines and beautiful views


There are only a handful of experiences in life that can be described as such - a moment so awe inspiring that you take pause.

In 1992, we were captivated by just such a moment, as we stood atop a ridge overlooking 710 acres of breathtaking, rolling hills of Sonoma County countryside. This incredible landscape forged over eons would one day fulfill our vision as the Notre Vue Estate. We have established an agrarian heritage through thoughtful determination. The estate vineyards are tenderly cared for and are the foundation for our wines.

Preserving the natural beauty of the land has always been at the heart of our vision. For this reason, the estate includes 350 acres of protected open space land, preserving the beauty of Notre Vue Estate for generations to come. This synergy creates a harmony that supports the abundant wildlife as well as the natural flora and fauna.       

-Bob and Renée Stein Founders & Owners

Plan a visit to our winery

Visit our winery for a memorable tasting experience in the North Bay. By sampling a range of wines, you can discover more about your personal preferences. Remember, no one started as a wine expert. Identifying which flavors and qualities you like takes time and practice.

You’ll find an exceptional selection of cultivated wines here at Notre Vue. The wines we produce at our estate vineyards are recognized for their uniqueness and richness. Are you interested in learning more about wine and experiencing new flavors? The next time you are visiting Windsor, CA; Healdsburg, CA; Napa Valley, CA; or the surrounding area stop by our wine tasting room.

If you are a wine enthusiast looking for extra perks like preferential pricing, special event invites, and new bottle releases, join our wine club. Members of Notre Vue Society , our exclusive wine club for Napa County, CA and Sonoma County, CA enjoy these kinds of special benefits all year round.  

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